Endsulin is an early-stage biotechnology company with an extraordinary mission: to end dependence on insulin for T1DM patients so they can assert their independence and live a life no longer defined by diabetes.

Using patented technology based on research by our founder at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Endsulin is developing a potential genetic therapy designed to function in a single organ, the liver, and train it to replace the insulin-producing cells that are no longer manufactured by the pancreas.

Our approach adds elements to liver cells that enable tight regulation of insulin by the body’s existing metabolic processes in response to rapidly changing glucose levels.

Our technology is designed to provide long-term independence from insulin – on the order of years and potentially life-long – with a single outpatient infusion.

If we are successful – and our initial data indicate we are on the right track — seeking to end how we have treated T1DM for a century and a begin new life for those born with T1DM.