No longer limited by yesterday’s knowledge and technology, our simple, promising science has attracted some of the boldest and most accomplished leaders from across the medical industry.

Our years of research, deep expertise and personal connections to this mission have positioned us to move this incredible breakthrough forward.


Hans Sollinger, MD, PhD, Dr hc Founder & Interim CSO
A world leader in diabetes care for decades, who has earned numerous awards for contributions that have revolutionized the field. More details »

Eric Spyra President & Interim CEO, Board member
Experienced investor with a strong development background and unique connection to Dr. Sollinger’s work. More info »

Jennifer Gagne Director of Research
Senior Scientist with high-level research and development experience and broad expertise across molecular biology and biochemistry

Gary Mansfield, PhD Senior Development Consultant
20+ years of experience in cell and gene therapy product development, and part of the team that pioneered one of the first RNA editing platforms. More info »

Adam Bock, PhD Interim CFO
Experienced life science startup executive. Co-founder / Founding CEO of 4 life science ventures. More info »

Sam Adams Director of Corporate Development
Development and marketing leader who has led two health technology companies from concept to the clinic. More info »

Patricia Williams, PhD
Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Ginger Gant
Executive Administrator

Tina Kaur
Study Monitor

Dylan Schweitzer
Corporate Development Associate


Thomas J. Dee, MBA Board member
Entrepreneurial biotech CFO who helped break one of the first FDA-approved gene therapies onto the market. More info »

Elizabeth Aden, PhD Board member
30+ years including multinational executive leadership in biotechnology and pharmaceutical product planning, strategic marketing and business development. More info »


Brian Kaspar, PhD Scientific Advisory Board member
Pioneering founder & previous Chief Scientific Officer of the company that developed one of the first companies to commercialize a gene therapy treatment. More info »

Peter Thule, MD Scientific Advisory Board member
World-renowned endocrinologist, and the only other researcher with in-depth experience looking at this type of gene alteration in hepatocytes. More info »