“25 years ago, I thought, ‘Here I am working my butt off for a decade, and I’ve only helped 500 people.’ But millions were suffering.”

—Dr. Hans Sollinger, ENDSULIN founder


Liver-directed gene therapy to restore natural euglycemia

Freedom from the burdens of daily treatment

ENDSULIN is overcoming the limitations of today’s taxing diabetes treatments with a patented gene construct and simple process that re-engineers part of the liver, allowing it to produce and regulate insulin on its own.

Committed to a straightforward treatment that

Breakthrough science to free patients from daily insulin injections.

Our patented gene construct, built on decades of research at the UW Hospitals and Clinics in Madison, may allow patients to precisely regulate insulin on their own by re-coding a small fraction of their liver to function like a pancreas. The potentially long-lasting effects could free millions of people from the cumbersome daily management of their disease.

Dr. Hans Sollinger and his team have already revolutionized diabetes treatment — twice.

After he lost his adoptive brother from diabetes-related complications, he dedicated his career to making treatment safer and more bearable for others. He became one of the most experienced pancreatic transplant surgeons in the world.

The procedure he developed reduced the mortality rate of diabetic transplant recipients from 40% to less than 10%. Then, he was instrumental in pioneering the commercially most successful immunosuppressant transplant drug in history.

Now, building on decades of research from UW-Madison, his team is on the verge of their next big breakthrough.


Our promising science has brought together leaders in diabetes, transplantation, development strategy and corporate financing — all on a mission to bring ENDSULIN’s treatment to the patients who need it.

Brian Kaspar, PhD
Scientific Advisory board

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Scientific Advisory Board

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Peter Thule, MD
Scientific Advisory board

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