ENDSULIN is fast-tracking acceleration of our treatment as we continue to attract the foremost experts —  now including 2 C-Suite founding executives from the company that  launched one of only two successful gene therapy treatments to date. 

Brian Kaspar, PhD, previous Chief Science Officer of blockbuster gene therapy company AveXis, has joined the leadership team of ENDSULIN, joining former colleague Thomas Dee. Kaspar will serve on ENDSULIN’s Scientific Advisory Board. 

“The science itself is remarkable, but the potential to change millions of lives is unprecedented,” Dr. Kaspar said. “We’ve proven gene therapy can revolutionize medicine with lasting, durable treatments. But now we need players like ENDSULIN with the right vision and focus who can harness that momentum to give patients the relief they deserve.” 

Dr. Kaspar is a highly regarded gene therapy pioneer. Among his numerous accomplishments, he has:

  • Founded 2 gene therapy-based biotech companies
  • Served as Principal investigator at the Center for Gene Therapy at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 
  • Published 100+ peer-reviewed scientific articles 

Along with diabetes’ most accomplished innovators, we have assembled a powerhouse of the most proven experts across diabetes, gene therapy and therapeutic commercialization to hasten our mission: to get this therapy to patients as soon as we can.